Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


  • Echoing Malaysian government’s call to attain the status of a newly industrialized country.
  • Complement the Sabah Government’s efforts in making Sabah a fully industrialized economy with palm oil as the oasis of development.


  • To move in tandem with the Sabah Industrial Master Plan.
  • To realize a 15-year master plan of the Lahad Datu Palm Oil Industrial Cluster covering 5,000 acres as the first dedicated palm oil port and key palm oil logistic hub in the region.
  • To develop Lahad Datu POIC as the port of delivery for palm oil futures.
  • To fully develop and realize the upstream and downstream potentials of the palm oil industry.
  • To add higher value in both the upstream and downstream production chains.
  • To strengthen Sabah’s competitive edge in the palm oil industry through research and development and technology inputs.

Key Objective

  • Provide basic and advanced infrastructure.
  • Bridge between private and public sectors in realizing industrial potentials.

Sector Focus

  • Palm oil industry to continue as core sector for development in the next 3 years especially biomass, high value palm oil products.
  • Two major new development directions: Oil & Gas, Regional Logistics.
  • Other developments: Industrializing resource based sectors (timber, aquaculture, food) clustering support sectors (machine tool, hardware, parts and component suppliers), Free Trade Zone, Tender Port, Commodity futures trading.