Scandal Unmasked: Europe’s Hidden Tactics Against Palm Oil

Scandal Unmasked: Europe's Hidden Tactics Against Palm Oil

Source: Global Oils and Fats. Vol.8, no.1, Jan-Mar 2011 | Author: —


As the palm oil industry has grown, so too has the scrunity it has received wherever its products are consumed. In some countries, the industry has been criticesed for its business practices and the alleged effect on the environment and local communities. But according to a new report, much of this criticism is manufactured by the industry’s competitors as they seek to extend market share.


The TaxPayer’s Alliance is a citizens’ watchdog group based in the United Kingdom (UK). It conducts research and issues reports that highlight misuse and abuse of tax revenue by UK and European governments. It recently issued a stunning repost titled “Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism’, which describes an extensive system of ‘taxpayer-funded lobbying’. The lobbying is designed to protect the domestic agriculture and alternative fuels industries, and harm foreign competition.

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