Yield and Harvesting Potentials
Source: The Planter. Vol.86, No.1015, October 2010 | Author: Mathews, J ; Foong, L C
Subject: Site yield potential, Oil palm, Palm thinning


Palm oil yield is the product of the amount of fresh fruit bunches produced in the estate and its oil extracted in the oil mill. Yield of fresh fruit bunches are determined by the oil palm site yield potential and the field agronomic management practices are targeted towards achieving such potential yields. An increase in the oil extraction rates in the oil mill can be achieved by planting or replanting new high oil yielding planting material and by improving the harvesting ripeness standards.


Malaysia, as of 2008 had planted 4,487,957 ha of oil palm (MPOB 2008 statistics). the average crude palm oil (CPO) yield had improved slightly in the 21st century; the increase ranging from 3.46 tonnes per hectare in 2004 to 4.08 tonnes per hectare in 2008. The highest contribution of CPO was from Sabah, followed by Peninsular and Sarawak. These improvements were at the expense of high oil extraction rate in Sabah and Sarawak ranging from 20.16 per cent in 2000 and above 21 per cent for the rest of the years until 2008.

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