Issues and Challenges in Human Capital Development in Agriculture Sector in Malaysia
Source: The Planter. Vol.85, No.1001, August 2009 | Author: Mohd Gazali Bin Abas
Subject: National Agricultural Policy, Malaysia development plan, human resources, agricultural development


Human resource development for agriculture sector has to be tailored towards fulfilling the need of the whole agricultural sector value chain in meeting those policy objectives prescribed in the National Agricultural Policy 3 (NAP3). This is indeed challenging considering a tight labour market in Malaysia.


The National Agricultural Policy of Malaysia guides the agriculture development planning and implementation. Local human resource development in agriculture could be better achieved through collaboration among agencies, private sector, and educational/skills institutions. The dependency on foreign labour must be reduced systematically through training and mechanisation. Young generation who are interested in the agriculture sector should be equipped with competency in modern technology usage and positive attitude.

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