Infrastructure in POIC Lahad Datu

Basic and Advance Infrastructure

1. Piperacks

  • A comprehensive pipe-rack system links all oil-based establishments to the liquid bulk terminal.
2. Pipeline Interchange

  • Located at the POIC Liquid Bulk Terminal.
  • Complete with boiler and compress air facility.
  • Pipelines are provided from the interchange to the berth.
3. Roads

  • POIC Lahad Datu is complete with 50m wide dual-carriage access roads which tread the entire 1,557 acre site in Phase 1, 2 & 3A.
4. Electricity

  • Double circuit underground cabling system.
  • Electricity supply up to 50MW.
5. Water

  • Capacity 3 Million Gallons (11.35 Mil ltr/13, of Permastore Tanks.

6. Sewerage & Hazardous Waste Treatment

   Centralised sewerage treatment plant is provided to treat domestic waste which complies with the following criteria:

  • Effluent standard: Department of Environment (DOE) Standard COD 200mg/L, BOD5 (20C) 50mg/L. The effluent standard B Should not contain any chemical, acids or hazardous material
  • Underground sewer pipes of 225mm diameter (FRP) are laid along the internal roads in POIC.

7. Telecommunications Infrastructures

   Telekom Malaysia Berhad has installed & commissioned telecommunication infrastructure within POIC Lahad Datu. State of          the art voice, video, data and internet services are available within the entire POIC Lahad Datu.

8. Drains

   Constructed by reinforced concrete and steel bars.

POIC Port Lahad Datu Terminals

1. Liquid Bulk Terminal (Located in Phase 1)

 20M Draft
  • 500m from shoreline.
  • 2 berths to accommodate vessels up to 100,000DWT.
 10M to 12M Draft
  • 60M-70M from shoreline.
  • 5 loading platforms, 600m berthing length.
  • Can accommodate vessels/barges up to 20,000 DWT.

2. Dry Bulk Terminal (Located in Phase 2)

 14M Draft
  • 2 outer berths to accommodate vessels up to 30,000 DWT.

 12M Draft
  • 2 outer berths to accommodate vessels up to 10,000 DWT.
  • Cargo handling equipment.
  • 2 high speed quay-cranes.
  • Conveyer belt system to handle bulk cargo up to 1,000 tonner/hour.

3. Container Terminal (Located in Phase 3)

 15M Draft
  • 1 berth with 308m length to accommodate vessels up to 65,000 DWT
  • Design capacity of 250,000 TEUs per annum
  • Cargo handling equipment (2 STS cranes, 2 RTGs, 10 prime movers with trailers, 3 Empty Handlers and 2 Reach Stackers)

4. Barge Berth (Located in Phase 2)

 5M Draft
  • 1 berth to handle barges up to 8,000 DWT
  • Dedicated berth for barges to discharge heavy project cargo, bulk raw materials, sand, gravel and export of bagged fertilizer.

POIC Port Lahad Datu Facilities

1. Bulking Tanks Facilities(Located in Phase 1)

  • 10 tanks with 2,000MT capacity.
  • Dimension of tanks: 23m x 11m

Ready Built Warehouse (For Rent)

1. General Warehouse (Located in Phase 2)

 General Warehouse
  • Total built up: 53,819ft2 (5,000m2)
  • Size: 50m (W) x 100m (L) x 12m (H)
 General Warehouse (Open Shed)
  • Total built up: 53,819ft2 (5,000m2)
  • Size: 50m (W) x 100m (L) x 11.83m (H)

2. Biomass/General Warehouse (Located in Phase 3A)

 Biomass/General Warehouse
  • Total built up: 46,500ft2 (4,320m2)
  • Size: 60m (W) x 72m (L) x 6.1m (H)
  • Each unit: 15,500ft2 (1,440m2) x 3

3. PKE/PKS Bulk Cargo Warehouse (Located in Phase 2) - Under Construction

 PKE/PKS Bulk Cargo Warehouse
  • Connected with conveyor system
  • Total built up: 67,812ft2 (6,300m2)
  • Target for completion by Q4/2018

4. Bagged Fertilizer Warehouse (Located in Phase 2) - Under Construction

 Bagged Fertilizer Warehouse
  • Located within the Dry Bulk Terminal area
  • Total built up: 67,812ft2 (6,300m2)
  • Target for completion by Q4/2018

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