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Career Opportunities In Palm Oil Industries

11 Aug 2010, Lahad Datu, Tuesday: Form 5 students of SM Teknik in Lahad Datu were given a brief insight on the various types of job and career opportunities available in palm oil downstream industries. The students were briefed by Corporate Communications personnel from POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd on a vast array of job prospects, not just in POIC Lahad Datu when the companies which had invested start looking for relevant skills for their operations ; but also in the general palm oil downstream sector.

Apart from career opportunities, the students are also given information on the many local training and higher learning institutions available in the State.

Career development and career opportunity talks have been carried out by the Company since 2006 - where form 4, 5 and 6 students from schools in the district of Lahad Datu are briefed about available opportunities in the State's palm oil industry sector. "This activity is one of our on-going community development program in the district and we encourage the big players in the industry to join us in passing on worthwhile information to students so they may think and plan for their future, " said the spokesperson from POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd.

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150 students from SMK Teknik, Lahad Datu being briefed about career opportunities in the palm oil downstream sector

Students listening attentively to the brief

A student interacting during the briefing session

A student receiving a prize after being quizzed

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