Advantages of POIC Lahad Datu

POIC is located near the township of Lahad Datu in south eastern Sabah. It is at the centre of the state's 1.4 million hectares of oil palm plantations. The first two phases covering 1,150 acres focuses on major palm oil industries such as refineries, biofuel plants, oleochemicals, biomass, fertilizer plants and critical support industries such as a central steam provider, bulking installations and 2 dedicated jetties - Dry Bulk Terminal and Liquid Bulk Terminal. In the next phase covering approximately 4,000 acres, POIC Lahad Datu will diversify into a broader-based cluster encompassing energy intensive sectors, cocoa, ship repairs and construction, food, marine, furniture and machinery sectors. POIC Lahad Datu provides an attractive setting for investment opportunities for the following reasons:

  1. Strategic Location
    • Sheltered, natural harbour with 20-metre draft
    • Abundant raw materials within Sabah and neighbouring resource-rich regions
    • Convenient shipping routes to supplies and markets
    • Proximity to palm oil industry players
    • Within 2KM access to a wide range of physical and social infrastructure

  2. Investment Incentives
    • Pioneer status
    • Investment tax allowance

  3. Available Infrastructure
    • Water & electricity supply
    • Telecommunications / IT network
    • Road networks with links statewide
    • Environmentally friendly energy and steam supplies
    • Bulking installations
    • Jetties

  4. Favourable Living Environment
    • Near airport and commercial centres
    • Close to parks and nature reserves
    • Access to social amenities
    • Politically stable

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