General Information : Malaysia


  Location : At the heart of South-East Asia, on the international maritime trade routes between Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia.
Area : Total - 329,750, Land - 328,550, Water - 1,200
Population : 28.3 million (July 2009)
Population Growth : 1.75% (2008 est.)
Labor force : 12.1 million (2009)
Natural Resources : palm oil, petroleum, timber, cocoa, natural gas, marine life, iron ore, bauxite, tin and copper
Export : Malaysia is the world second largest producer of palm oil but leads the world as the exporter of quality palm oil.
Economy : Malaysia, a middle-income country, growth was almost exclusively driven by exports - particularly of manufacturing products.

  • GDP Per Capita (2008) - US$ 7,878 (Ministry of Finance Malaysia)
  • Total Trade - US$ 329.1 billion (Ministry of Finance Malaysia)
  • GDP growth toppoed 8% in 2008. Healthy foreign exchange reserves, low inflation, and a small external debt are all strengths that make it unlikely that Malaysia will experience a financial crisis similar to the one in 1997. The economy remains dependent on continued growth in the US, China, and Japan, which are Malaysia's top export destinations and key sources of foreign investment.
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