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Year 2016

  • Developing Kg. Monggis, Ranau Library and Encouraging Reading

  • POIC Sports & Recreation Club did a continuation program at Kampung Monggis, Ranau on 23rd July, 2016 together with the KK LIONS Club.

    POIC had the opportunity to share on the importance of keeping the library in order by having a proper system to record books coming in and books that are being borrowed. The Lions Community Learning Centre (library) donated various types of new books and magazines.

    The session continued with children storytelling. The purpose was to encourage them to read and appreciate books as a source of knowledge. We are planning for a storytelling competition in the next round.

    A wonderful and fruitful session indeed.

  • POIC Sports & Recreation Club Joins LIONS Club Kota Kinabalu

  • On 22nd May, 2016, POIC Sports & Recreation Club joined the Kota Kinabalu LIONS Club in their program to hand over the LIONS COMMUNICTY LEARNING CENTRE (LCLC), launch Kg Monggis, Ranau as an adopted village themed "KAMPUNG MONGGIS, KAMPUNG KITA" and presentation of gifts to the children under the program C4C - Coins for Children.

    The objective of POIC participation is for enrichment and understanding of volunteerism.

    The program started at 10.00am with the gathering of children to sing songs and dance the traditional dance, Sumazau. Thereafter, the POIC team coordinated a colouring competition for children aged 5 to 11 years. We wanted the competition to be more meaningful where we taught them about colouring and what they were colouring (some of the objects and animals were foreign to them). It was such a fun process because most of them were not shy and entertaining to communicate with. It was also a process to get to know their background especially education.

    Everyone completed their colouring before 1 hour and they immediately rushed to their mini book shelves. We had the opportunity to read to them. They are still lacking in books suitable for their age but we hope to help and fill up their shelves soon. As all kids love, they love to play outdoors.

Year 2012

  • Outreach program: Hari Raya at Rumah Putra Harapan, Ranau on 1st September 2012

  • Staff and family of POIC participated in the trip to Rumah Putra Harapan, Ranau. Contributions of books, education games, sewing machine, sports equipment and 'green packets' were presented on that day. 31 boys from different history background ranging from age 7 - 13 years takes shelter under the home managed by Ustaz Sobri. It was definitely a memorable moment seeing the boys excited to receive books to read and sports equipment which they look forward to use.

  • Career Development Talk in Lahad Datu 2012 (AUG - OCT 2012)

  • POIC continues to create awareness on potential high income career opportunities in palm oil downstream industries, port and logistic, SMEs and other supporting industries to the form 3-6 students in Lahad Datu.

    Special thanks to Suntech Academy, Politeknik Sandakan and Sabah Skill and Technology Centre (SSTC) who participated to spread information about entry requirements of the institute, special skill courses available and potential job opportunities as well as guidance and motivation to the school students to pursue their studies and achieve their professional career path.

  • 7KM Sutera Harbour Sunset Run on 7th July 2012


  • Borneo International Marathon on 6th May 2012


    Twelve staff members made it to the finish line at the Borneo International Marathon, Sunday. All completed 10km

    This is the 3rd consecutive year for POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd which hopes to double its staff participation in the marathon next year.

  • Mangrove Rejuvenation Project (26th - 27th April 2012)

  • 60 students and 10 teachers participated on the replanting exercise on 26th April 2012. 1,000 mangrove saplings were planted near the river bank.

    YB Datuk Nasrun Bin Datu Nasrun officiated the official ceremony of POIC Mangrove Rejuvenation and Riverbank Conservation on 27th April 2012. Datuk Nasrun planted a river bank tree, released birds - shamans & bubul and fish fry to its natural habitat.

    POIC investors, stakeholders, NGO's and schools who participated in the 2 day Mangrove Rejuvenation and Riverbank Conservation program.

    Three co-organizers namely Forestry Department, Wildlife Department and Fishery Department played an important role in advising the right species of plants to be planted and wildlife species.

    School students from SM St Dominic, SM Sains, SMK Silabukan, SM Cina and SMK Sepagaya Lahad Datu.

Year 2011

  • Career Development Talks in Lahad Datu (Oct - Nov 2011)

  • SMK Silabukan

    SM Segama

    SM Sains

    SMK Agaseh

    SM Cina

    SMK Sapagaya

    SM Desa Kencana

    SM St Dominic

    SMK Teknik

    The effort to create awareness on career opportunities in palm oil downstream and related industries continues. At the same agenda, POIC also introduces POIC to the students and update on the latest developments.

  • Borneo International Marathon 2011 (1st May 2011)

  • Second Borneo International Marathon 2011 participated by POIC management and staff…running for charity.

Year 2010

  • Christmas at Kota Kinabalu Palliative care (30th December 2010)

  • POIC management and staff sings a merry Christmas songs to the palliative care patients.

  • Mangrove Rejuvenation Project (8th - 9th December 2010)

  • 1,500 mangrove seedlings were planted by 150 people representing local community groups, non-governmental organisations and officials of companies operating within POIC Lahad Datu. It was the fourth such project organised by POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd, the government-owned company which is developing the cluster to promote oil palm related industries. The Forestry Department at Lahad Datu is co-organiser of the activity.

    Among the participating organisations were the Jaycees, Lions Club of Lahad Datu Mandarin and Sabah Environmental Protection Association.

    To mark the launching, Datuk Nasrun and dignitaries at the ceremony also released grouper fish, a native species of the mangrove waters.

  • Career Development Talks in Lahad Datu

  • SMK Teknik

    SM Sains

    SMK Sapagaya

    SMK Desa Kencana

    SMK Segama

    SMK Silabukan

    SMK Tungku

    The annual career talks were conducted in 10 schools involving 2,000 students ranging from form 4 to form 6. This is community engagement program will continue in 2011.

  • Borneo International Marathon 2010 (2nd May 2010)

  • POIC participates Borneo International Marathon 2010 for the first time. POIC CEO completed 21KM while the rest also completed their 10KM challenge.

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year at the Community Rehabilitation Centre, Lahad Datu (25th February 2010)

  • Ceremony was officiated by YB Datuk Nasrun Datu Mansur where he gave away 'angpows' to the children at the rehab centre. Vacuum cleaner and puzzle mats for physiotherapy were also contributed.

Year 2009

  • Hari Raya with an orphanage home in Darul Bakti, Kota Belud (4th October 2009)

  • gave away books for their library, exercise books, drawing blocks, educational toys, stationeries and many more.

  • POIC Lahad Datu Team In Mountain Cleanup Project

  • A team from POIC Lahad Datu participated in a joint environmental project with the Sabah Venturers Association by volunteering to clear rubbish, ferry timber woods and repair the mountain trails.

    "We look forward to other corporate organizations teaming up on a regular basis to participate in such an initiative", said a spokesperson from the company.

    POIC team at the summit.

    Volunteers from POIC ferrying the timber woods and repairing the
    Kinabalu trail with the Sabah Venturers Association and Sabah Park ranger.

    Asia Times - 04 September 2009

    Daily Express - 07 September 2009

  • Career Guidance and Development Talks in Lahad Datu Secondary Schools

  • A series of career guidance development talks have been conducted throughout Secondary schools in Lahad Datu. A total of 13 secondary schools have been visited this year to reach out to students pertaining to employment/career opportunities available in the downstream palm oil sector.

    The school career talks are conducted jointly with IOI, MPOB and Lahad Datu state Library. This program has been an on-going exercise for the past 2 years.

  • "WORKING TOGETHER TO CARE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT" Art Exhibition - joint collaboration with POIC, SEPA, Library, Education Department

  • A joint project between the Lahad Datu Library, SEPA (Sabah Environmental Projection Association) and Education Department was held in July with the objective of creating greater awareness for the environment.

    The said project comprised of a children's colouring competition and art exhibition.

    Exhibitions included photos of the environment and its impact to the surrounding community.


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