Green Camouflage: Non-Tariff Barriers Thwart Development

Green Camouflage: Non-Tariff Barriers Thwart Development

Source: Global Oils and Fats. Vol.8, no.1, Jan-Mar 2011 | Author: James M Roberts


Governments and large agribusinesses are increasingly using the environmentalist movement and its policy arm of green NGOs to justify imposing protectionist non-tariff barriers (NTBs) on developing country producers while skirting World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. ‘Green’ NTBs have become the primary vehicle for erecting trade barriers, which hinder economic freedom and growth.


This trend began innocently enough decades ago, when Silent Spring, a book by Rachel Carson, led to an almost complete ban on DDT, the most effective pesticide to kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Carson claimed to find serious dangers from using DDT – claims later shown to be deeply flawed.

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